Ors Grapeseed Oil 2N1 Shine Mist 136ml

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ORS 2-in-1 shine Mist & heat defense is a dual-purpose, lightweight spray used to aid in achieving smooth, lustrous styles. Yet provides a shield of heat protection while styling. Great for sleek, straight styles or bouncy, smooth blowouts. Controls frizz and fullness without weighing the hair down while leaving hair radiantly luminescent.

Grapeseed oil is full of ingredients which are good for the skin.

It contains a high amount of vitamin E – an antioxidant which can help protect from the negative effects of the sun and environmental pollution, including fumes and cigarette smoke.

Grapeseed oil also contains linoleic acid – an unsaturated fatty acid which is found naturally in the skin.

Topical use of linoleic acid is thought to help protect the skin’s structure and barrier function.3

Applied directly, grapeseed oil for skin acts as an emollient, softening and leaving the skin looking hydrated and plumped. You’ll notice the difference in your skin after just one application.